Please check our shopping guide for more information about payment, shipping and returns etc.

Shopping Guide

Delivery and packaging

A Domestic orders>
Credit card, bank transfer, or online payment services including PayPal and Amazon Pay.
※We accept bank transfers from Japanese bank accounts only.

International orders>
Credit card or online payment services including PayPal and Amazon Pay.

A Shipments>
An order will be shipped 10 - 15 days (about 2 - 3 weeks) after payment is confirmed. You will receive an email notification after your order is shipped.

Delivery time>
・Domestic orders within Japan: About 3 - 4 weeks
・International orders: About 4 - 6 weeks

Delivery company>
・Domestic shipping: Yu-Pack
・International shipping: EMS (Express Shipping) or DHL (Express Worldwide)
※Shipping methods for international orders will be determined based on our production schedule. Please note that you are not able to specify a delivery company.

Tracking shipments>
All shipments can be tracked via the website of the delivery company for each order.

A Domestic shipping>
You can specify a delivery date 15 business days after the date of purchase.

※Please note that we are closed for public holidays such as New Year's holidays, Golden Week (last week of April to early May) and Obon holidays (mid-August). Therefore, we may not be able to respond to your request at these times. We apologize for any inconvenience.

International shipping>
Shipping dates cannot be specified due to different customs inspection requirements in each country.

A Please contact us using the online form.

We retain shipping information and tracking number for all orders. Once we receive your concerns, we will contact the post office or courier as soon as possible.

A Unfortunately, we do not offer gift wrapping options.

However, the package of the Heart Knife is designed to be presented as a gift, so it does not require additional gift wrapping.

A Yes,
we inspect every single knife before shipment, and sharpen each one of them carefully so you can use your knife as soon as you receive it.

Returns and cancellations

A Due to the nature of our custom-made products, we usually do not accept returns, cancellations, or refunds after orders are placed.

However, should there be any damage in the product when you receive it, please contact us and we will respond as soon as possible.

Our products

A The Heart Knife products are currently available on this website only.
We will make an announcement on the website if we are able to physically display the Heart Knife products at our store.


A Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate any changes of parts after payment is confirmed.

A Unfortunately, the products on our website are not available for printing the name of someone.

Recording and engraving of messages

A The same sound waves can be engraved on multiple knives only when all of the parts match.
For a knife that includes different parts, please record a voice message again and place an order.

A You can record a message up to 10 seconds long.

A Yes, you can.
We recommend that you carefully choose the recording environment including a good microphone and quiet room for optimal results.

A Yes, you can.
Please note that ideal sound waves may not appear with some languages. Please confirm the engraving image on the preview screen before finalizing your order.

A Yes, you can.
Please note that ideal sound waves may not appear with some noises. Please confirm the engraving image on the preview screen before finalizing your order.

A Please try the following methods to adjust the microphone input level.

For Windows,
1.Right-click the speaker icon on the right side of the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, and click "Open Sound Settings".
2.The "Sound" screen will open. Select your microphone shown in the "Input" and click the "Device Properties" button below.
3.When the "Microphone Properties" screen appears, click the "Levels" tag and adjust the microphone level(Recording size).

For Mac OS,
1.Select "System preferences" from the Apple logo icon at the top left of the screen.
2.On the "System preferences" screen, select "Sound".
3.Select the "Input" tab, and select your microphone.
4.Adjust the input volume in the "Settings for the selected device" of the same screen.

Playing messages

A Yes, you can.
Please enter the serial number included in the gift into the Heart Knife smartphone app. The serial number is noted on the magnet sheet that comes with the Heart Knife.

See more details here

A contact usPlease contact us using the

We will verify the information about the sender of your Heart Knife gift. Then, we will confirm our order records and contact you with an update.


Care and maintenance

A As a guide for home use, you can sharpen your knife once a month to maintain the satisfactory edge.
Negligence will inevitably lead to a dull knife. Regular sharpening is recommended.

A Do not cut frozen food or hard objects like bones with our knife.
Dishwashers will hasten the deterioration of the blade and handle, due to the high internal temperature and powerful washing method. Avoid the use of the dishwasher.

A Unfortunately, we only offer a sharpening service for our products.

Other questions

A Yes, you can.
If you would like one, please let us know after placing an order.

A Our hours are weekdays from 10am to 6pm.
We do not process shipping requests on public holidays.

Please contact us via Contact if your question wasn't answered, or if you have any other questions.