Skilled craftsmen's
high-quality knives
that will stimulate your interest
and curiosity toward cooking.

Skilled craftsmen's high-quality knives that will stimulate your interest and curiosity toward cooking.




Hand-crafted by craftsmen in leading knife production areas of Japan.

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Sakai, Osaka is one of the world-famous knife production locations in Japan.
Each Heart Knife is carefully hand-crafted by the skillful craftsmen of Aoki Hamono Seisakusho, a leading manufacturer of knives in Sakai.
600 years of tradition in knife production as well as the supreme quality that has been inherited over generations are represented in each piece.
As a proof of this quality and confidence, engraved on the back of the blade is the logo of "Sakai Takayuki", the signature brand of Aoki Hamono Seisakusho.

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A chef's sharp knife to your kitchen.

Knives produced in Sakai, Osaka are highly praised by chefs all over the world as well as in Japan. This is endorsed by the fact that approximately 90% of the professional chefs in Japan use knives made in Sakai. Through our Heart Knife, this excellent sharpness is brought to you and your important people in the optimal size for the use at home.
With proper care, the edge will be maintained in a pristine condition for an amazingly long time.

*The package includes a brochure that explains proper care for ease of maintenance.



  • 米津 良治

    Ryoji Yonezu


    Mother's Day
    Mother's Day
    種類:Santoku 刃:Silver 柄:Wenge
    Type:Santoku Blade:Silver Handle:Wenge


    I recorded it with my son and made a knife.

  • C.Y



    Birthday gift from husband
    種類:Petty 刃:Silver 柄:Wenge
    Type:Petty Blade:Silver Handle:Wenge


    Birthday gift from my husband

  • Kohei Ueda

    Kohei Ueda


    Celebration of opening and moving
    種類:Petty 刃:Black 柄:Wenge
    Type:Petty Blade:Black Handle:Wenge


    I gave it to my senior as a gift to celebrate his opening.



A sharp blade to highlight the flavor and stimulate your interest in cooking.

Thanks to the marvelous sharpness of the Heart Knife, the face of the sliced ingredients come out stunningly smooth and beautiful.
A minimum number of cells of the ingredients are destroyed by cutting, allowing the flavor and nutrition to be preserved.
Take a look at smooth sashimi or vegetables without a harsh after taste, as well as the beauty of clean cross sections - the amazing results of using the Heart Knife will take your interest toward cooking to the next level.


Meat juice to be retained inside.

The Heart Knife cuts meat smoothly without applying excessive force. This allows meat juice to be retained inside and maintains freshness of the meat.
As the surface remains even after cut, it touches the pan evenly and can be grilled uniformly. A good knife indeed serves as the key in preparing juicy meat dish.

Fresh, juicy sashimi and vegetables.

The sharpness of the knife retains the moisture of vegetables and keep them fresh. The fiber of onions will not be crushed, which means that you no longer have to experience painful eyes or tears when you cut them.
The flavor and nutrition will be preserved inside. The genuine freshness of the fish and vegetables stand out, without the unpleasant bitterness and acidity that are often brought out by knives of poor quality.
The surface of the cut ingredients are straight, smooth and beautiful, which will definitely a bonus to complete a picture-perfect dish.

Perfect finish for any simmered dishes.

The excellent edge of the Heart Knife preserves the fiber of vegetables and cuts fish smoothly.
One of the many benefits of this sharpness becomes evident when you simmer these ingredients, as they don't tend to fall apart or produce excessive scum that will end up ruining the dish.

The Heart Knife - not merely a tool to cut ingredients, but a trigger to boost your curiosity toward cooking.

By using a good knife with a sharp edge, cutting ingredients will become an activity that you can enjoy.
This will then stimulate your interest in the art of cooking, further increasing activities that you like.
The Heart Knife is not only a great gift, but also a gem that opens a new road toward never-ending potential for anyone who receives it.

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