Heart Knife Story 1

Story 1


Sending my feelings that I couldn't put into words.

Mom, who prepares delicious meals and takes on household chores for the family come rain or shine.

Mom, who wakes up before everyone else does, does more housework than anyone else while also managing her regular job, and holds hands full of heavy shopping bags or laundry basket. You never show any negativity, and thank you so much for supporting the family.

In the Heart Knife, I put all my thank-you's from the past and for many more years to come.

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The "Santoku" is an all-rounder and is perfect to cut meat, fish, and vegetables. It is recommended for someone who is looking for a versatile knife for everyday use.


This blade is made of AUS-8 steel, which features excellent rust resistance and long-lasting sharpness.
The degree of hardness is not excessively high and therefore, the blade is also easy to sharpen. It is perfect for use at home and is easy to maintain for beginners as well.


Beautiful wood grain symbolizes years of growth and gives unique depth to this material. This handle will match any customization for any person.

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